Sunday, 27 November 2011

Data Network Designer

Data and network???? Is it combination of database and network?? So interesting  job.. let’s find the real about DATA NETWORK DESIGNER….

A network designer is responsible to make sure that all the telecommunications and networking  aspects of a new situation, enterprise or office function properly,efficiently and with as little downtime as possible.

A NETWORK DESIGNER is skilled at seeing the bigger picture and can integrate tons of small facts into a bigger reality. As network designer, we also need strong math, physics and computer skills especially with respect to networking.

Data Network Designer work closely with Technical Architects, System Analyst, Capacity and Performance Analysts and the management of the organization…

Such a really interesting job… Why not you all enter this field??Iif you took any science computer course, you’re not limited to one job only… Even you study database, but you can work as IT CONSULTANT because all computer science students study IT.. Next entry I will share the job description of IT CONSULTANT… 

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