Sunday, 27 November 2011

Database Analyst

Another jobs which the main scope in database is DATABASE ANALYST.

As a database analyst, you will manage and organize electronic data according to corporate data administration policies and standards in order to ensure that the information needs of the users are met.
You are responsible to ensure that electronic data of organization will can be run whenever it will be needed. You manage and organize the information to ensure that the information can always be shared, coherence, available, in good quality and can be used in integrity. You also must make sure that your capacity of database analyst that you recommend and implement are within the corporate policies, procedures and operational guidelines of your employer.

Working Conditions

Database Analyst usually work a 40-hour per week. Overtime will be required if the deadlines are soon and user requirement must be met.

The demand for database analysts will continue to grow, as computers make it feasible for organizations to manage and use expanding amounts and types of information in their business

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