Sunday, 27 November 2011

Database Administrator..

Who is database administrator actually???? What do we do as database administrator????

Our  works are to  build, test, install and modify computer databases. We’re responsible for making the organisation’s database are up to date.
Besides that, we must
  • assisting with design issues
  •  laying out the structure of the database,
  • identifying and resolving users’ problems,
  • developing and implementing maintenance procedures
  • ensure the security of the data by conducting and devising regular backup and recovery processes.
  • required to tune the database and ensure it is running at optimum speed

In Malaysia, database sectors are not well known yet.. People know just little bit about this field. In fact, DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR is an important person in an organization. This field is increasing in this country. So, the opportunity to get job after graduate is BRIGHT.

Uses of databases in any operation such as

  • retail stores,
  • catalogue companies,
  •  insurance companies,
  • communications companies (telephone, broadcasting),
  •  financial institutions,
  • hospitals,
  • utilities,
  •  government agencies,
  •  schools, universities,
  •  Computer companies, and
  •  businesses in the service industries.

Working conditions

You may be required to work irregular hours. In addition, you need to travel to meet users or customers if computer systems serve other locations.  The working environment is informal and can be stressful.

Information stored in databases has become extremely important, since many organizations rely on data to give them the competitive advantage in the global marketplace. Experienced database administrators are highly sought after, even though increasing numbers of organizations are trying to automate and streamline operations.

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