Monday, 26 December 2011

Director, IS Management

What is it?

An information Systems manager has the job of making sure that both the employees and the organization they work for are being served properly by the Information Technology they use on a daily basis.  An Information Systems Manager is concerned with sourcing, security, governance, and leadership with respect to the Information technology they require.

How is IT involved?

The primary concern of the Information Systems Manager is to work with and around IT to provide an intimate knowledge of the ways in which it commingles with both the jobs and roles of the company or organization, and the employees themselves.  Information technology is so central to this position, without it, the position would not exist.

Where can I see it?

Information Systems Managers  are present in most organizations with enough employees to require more than a standard amount of daily work on IT Governance, Strategic Support and Data processing.  An Information Systems Manager works closely with both the management and administration of the organization as well as the employees, to ensure that the company's IT needs are being met.

How can I be a part of it?

An Information Systems manager has a large computer and networking knowledge base, complimented also by strong business and management skills.  Interpersonal skills, as well as communication skills are also strongly desired for an Information Systems Manager.
source:  Chas Redmond's flickr  CC Attribution

What else might I like?

Information Systems Managers work closely with Web Developers and Designers, Technical Architects, Systems Analysts and Data Network Designers

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