Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Harvard Bussiness School

alhamdulillah kami sudah selesai mem"present" HBS pada 14hb Disember 2011 bersamaan hari Rabu..hehehe

kumpulan kami dapat soalan
"What innovation can be introduce in improving mobile phone industries in terms of communities uses and work???"

Our suggestion answers are:
1. GPS - no need to type. just talk to the device,so it will locate the location you want to go. ease your work especially while you're driving.
2. Make mobile phone as a credit card.. no need to use wallet anymore..other people will not know how much money that we have.
3. Use fingerprint or voice to unlock the phone.
4. Charge battery using solar energy.. As we are leading to green live,by using solar energy, we'll use less electric.
5. using auto-cad in mobile phone. ease the engineer to work,anytime they have any idea, just draw it in mobile phone.
6. Use mobile phone as projector.

~nota yg perlu dibaca.....

~ni plak link xmind utk hbs ni...

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