Monday, 26 December 2011

IT Consultant

What You Do

As a computer consultant you have developed, over years of experience, an expertise in a particular informatics field. Your client hires you to provide them with strategic advice and a level of assistance which they do not have inside the organization. You are hired usually on a project basis and in a particular field of your expertise.

Who You Do It For

Working either through a consulting company or as an independent consultant, you will assist a wide variety of clients. Both public and private sector organizations and companies use consultants on a project basis when they do not have the resources to handle a project.
At times consultants can also be hired to supplement the client organization’s own staff – to fill a vacancy on a project team or a permanent group on a temporary basis.

How You Do It

The work of computer consultants varies from employer to employer and project to project. Some projects will require you to work with several other consultants, each specializing in one area. At other times you will work independently. Generally speaking, as a computer consultant, you are usually hired on a contract basis to assist an organization with a particular project.
No matter what the assignment, your job as a computer consultant is to provide your expertise and advice on how to make the project successful.


The constant pressure of deadlines and client expectations can be extremely stressful for computer consultants. Since computer consultants are from outside of the organization, they may also be faced with hostility from employees within the organization as they try to implement changes. As a result, computer consultants must be able to work with people diplomatically.
The work of a consultant is always temporary. Each assignment eventually ends. You may become frustrated by being unable to remain involved in implementing a system for the long term. The objective of a successful engagement is to leave the client organization’s personnel able to carry on without your assistance.

Working Conditions

Typically, computer consultants work at least 40 hours per work. Overtime is very common in this profession, especially when deadlines must be met. In addition, since computer consultants spend a significant portion of their time with their clients, they usually will divide their time between their offices and their client’s location. Frequent travel may be necessary.
Like other workers who spend their time in front of a computer terminal, computer consultants are susceptible to eyestrain, back discomfort and hand and wrist problems.
With the demand for skilled IT professionals increasing around the world, and the increase in the number and type of consulting companies, the employment options available for computer consultants are increasing. However, to be successful in this profession you must possess the right skills. Opportunities also exist for self-employment.

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