Tuesday, 27 December 2011

IT Career Trends

Rapid advances in technology are changing our world every day. Did you know that some IT jobs may not exist as they do now by the time today’s high school students are in the work world?

The world of software and IT is a world of exploding possibilities that almost defy definition. Change in the ways and means in which information is created, stored, shared and used affects virtually every other industry in the economy. As the software developers and hardware manufacturers come up with even more products, they exponentially increase the possibilities of IT.
Yesterday’s dreams are today’s possibilities and tomorrow’s realities.
The following links offer some perspective on software career trends:
"Tomorrow’s IT jobs" & "IT labour market statistics" outline the employment picture for large, medium and small employers.

Tomorrow’s Job Market

In the near future, people will work at jobs we never even imagined today.
Technology will continue to set the pace for jobs. As technology becomes a greater part of doing business, more computer-related jobs will be created. Most employers will look for people who not only have technical skills, but also have workplace skills such as the ability to:
  • listen
  • solve problems
  • interact with co-workers
Jobs in demand in the near future include:
*Source: IDC Canada – Leading IT Skills in Demand within Canadian Organizations in 2004

"IT Innovations" presents possibilities to spark ideas for career planning.

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